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Choose 3D Embossed WPC decking |

Choose 3D Embossed WPC decking |

  • 2020/11/23

Why do we choose 3D embossed WPC decking?

1.3D embossed decking perform better than any common composite wood,it is more natural and attrative.

2.Super embossed has better fading and scratching resistant advantages,it can be used for a long time,as traditional composite decking are easy to lose grain on surface.

3.Beautifual 3D pattern emboosed on the surface of WPC boards,deep grain WPC decking is beautiful and more absorbing.

3D embossed wpc decking3D Embossed Composite Decking

Outstanding Characters of 3D wpc decking:

•Dimension stability

It will not be out of shape after a long testing of 10 years and there is no crack under the test temperature between -40°c to 60°c

•Material Safety

Low flame spread / High slip resistance / No sting of wood / Contains no toxic chemicals or preservatives / Environmental friendly / Can be recycled with 100%

•High Strength

Outstanding screw and nail retention / High impact resistance / Great compressive,tensile,shear strength / Modulus of elasticity: 20% greater than PVC

•Good appearance & nice touch

Natural feel & wood touch / Broad range of finishes and appearance, multicolor, and needn’t to painting


Its lifespan at least 10-15 years in the outdoor weather condition

•Install & Maintain easily

Easy to produce and easily fabricate / Easy to cut, fix and glue; Easy to tenon, drill and nail / Require less routine maintenance / No need staining & water Sealant

3D Embossed Hollow Wood Plastic Composite Decking Board

Senrui 3D embossed WPC series have several pattern to choose.

As the color,you can choose normal color or can be customized. The sample color,you send it to us.

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