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Wpc Fence:Privacy WPC Fencing

Wpc Fence:Privacy WPC Fencing

  • 2020/06/24

Privacy WPC Fencing

Today WPC composite materials are widely popular. In addition to the decking, the composite fence has become one of the most popular materials besides decking.

Composite fence panels can add a certain amount of privacy while protecting the safety of children or pets.

 Composite fence panels

(1)Advantages of WPC Composite Privacy Fence

Composite Fence has a variety of different style, color, design, and size are very similar to the traditional Fence. There is no gap between each WPC Fence Panels, the conventional height is 1.8 meters after the installation is completed, a relative closed Composite Privacy Fence Panels is formed.

The advantages of the WPC composite privacy fence have the advantages that traditional wooden fence does not have. These fences don’t decay, they don’t deform, they’re more durable and easier to maintain than wood. The installation is as simple as Lego bricks, which can be inserted into the support track with each composite fence. We use the aluminum alloy accessories bracket so that the composite fence has the longer service life.

 outdoor wpc fence panels

(2)Installation of WPC Composite Privacy Fence

Accessories we need:

How to make installation:

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(3)WPC Fence Cleaning and Maintenance

WPC fence is made from recycled wood and plastic, is not susceptible to mildew and insect damage in daily use. Compared to the wood fence, it’s more easy and convenient to clean and maintain. That’s why it will become more and more popular.

WPC fence can be cleaned and maintained without any extra cost like spray paint or dying. Usually, we only need to use: soft brushes, water, soap, and broom. Firstly, use a broom to clear the dust and debris on the fence, then wash it with soap and water and clean it with a soft brush, then rinse with clean water to restore your WPC fence to new. In addition, when oil stains are found, should be cleaned as soon as possible to avoid staining. The longer it takes to get rid of the stubborn stains of the composite materials, the higher cleaning cost (time and money) will be.

Any outdoor building materials need regular cleaning and maintenance.

For our WPC fence, 1-2 times per year is normal. Routine cleaning and maintenance can protect the appearance, we do not recommend to use the high strength cleanser to clean your fence, meanwhile WPC fence could not be polished, it may damage the surface.

In addition to the above products, Senrui wood offers several types of  WPC fence to choose.

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