Installation Guide


Installation Guide

WPC DIY TILES Installation instructions

WPC DIY TILES Installation instructions

  • 2020-03-26
WPC DIY TILES Installation instructions:
Assembly WPC Tiles needs a electric saw and work gloves.
Note: We do not recommend WPC Tiles laid directly on the these ground (for example, Soil, gravel, sand or other loose material ground).
it needs to calculate the surface area before installing, ensure the ground is clean and flat and strong and it has good moisture drainage.
Ground level deviation does not exceed 5mm. Installation instructions:

Installation steps:(For example :30cm*30cm)

Properly placed WPC DIY Tiles

Second WPC Tiles buckles in the first WPC Tiles

And like last step, to complete the installation of the whole floor

If there is extra, you can cut the extra part with a saw.


Prevent WPC Tiles to exposure at high temperatures atmosphere. For example, tools / equipment (such as heaters, barbecue, etc.) This is to avoid deformation, discoloration or other damage.
Never let kerosene, gasoline or other organic solvents touch WPC Tiles Do not lay metal material on WPC Tiles, in order to prevent rust stains
Do not place heavy objects on WPC Tiles directly and put away from powerful beats / shocks or sharp objects to avoid any damage.
In transportation, installation and storage to be careful to avoid them falling from a height.
Although the WPC Tiles requires very little maintenance, but regular cleaning helps maintain its beauty, appropriate cleaning agents can enhance the effect.
Be careful to use the pressure washer to avoid damaging the material.
Clean the floor regularly with a mild detergent or water to remove surface dirt.
Contamination by mildew, berries and leaves: using detergents and cleaning agents containing sodium hypochlorite to clean
Rust and dirt: use of cleaning agent containing phosphorus
Oil and grease contamination: Use cleaning agents containing degreasing agent Regular use of the tool to clear debris in floor spaces, to ensure smooth drainage
WPC floor is composite (wood plastic composite), it is a mixture of wood fiber and PE-HD of the plastic.

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